KGNU Invites Williams and O’Connor to Debate

Shareef Aleem of radio station KGNU hosting, "It's The Economy"

Shareef Aleem of radio station KGNU hosting, “It’s The Economy”

On Thursday, December 19th, Denver Metro radio station KGNU invited Representative Angela Williams and Darren O’Connor to debate on foreclosure issues. Representative Williams declined, but O’Connor and several other Colorado Foreclosure Resistance Coalition Members joined host Shareef Aleem for a one hour in-depth discussion of the Williams vs O’Connor case, foreclosures, the connection between homelessness and foreclosures, Williams’ connection to the Downtown Denver Partnership, and many other topics. The broadcast is archived and available for download or streaming at A caller joined in the show and shared how they are not only being harassed by phone calls from a new servicer of their mortgage, but the servicer is sending agents to his home to try and force him to make payments to them on a house that is already in foreclosure.

Once again, Representative Williams missed an opportunity to share with constituents from her district, and with all of Denver how she is working for them to protect against the aggressive and harassing behavior of the banks and mortgage servicers. Evidence continues to emerge that banks and servicers are abusing homeowners, despite the claims by Williams and others, such as the Colorado Bankers Association Vice President Jennifer Waller, that these abuses have stopped and that banks don’t actually want to foreclose. Mortgage servicer Ocwen, whom O’Connor recently concluded five months of negotiation with to save the home of a woman who had records of having made every payment, was just fined (read about it here). Homeowners who lost their homes due to Ocwen’s abuse will receive approximately $1,200 for their loss. While Representative Williams may call this a win for Coloradans, it is small compensation for those who lost what is likely their greatest investment: their homes.

Participating in the radio interview was Linda Donna, who owns a home in Williams’ district and who has been spending her retirement income to correct the mistakes made by her mortgage servicer. She is just one of the 56% of homeowners from the Montbello area who have had banks try to foreclose on them in the last ten years.

Colorado Foreclosure Resistance Coalition Members continue to ask Representative Williams: when will you have an open discussion about your position on foreclosures, and why do you continue to meet with banking representatives and not us?

CFRC members participating in the "It's the Economy" show that aired on KGNU on December 19th.

CFRC members participating in the “It’s the Economy” show that aired on KGNU on December 19th.

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