Transcript of Restraining Order Verdict Available

CelebratingVictoryInCourtSupporters cheer Darren O’Connor after hearing the verdict, now available, in a failed attempt to charge him with stalking

Magistrate Cary ruled in Mr. O’Connor’s favor against Colorado State House Representative Angela Williams, who sought a permanent restraining order against him for alleged stalking. The transcript is now available:



1. None of O’Connor’s actions,conduct, or speech contained a serious expression of an intent to commit an, an act of unlawful violence to a particular individual. And therefore, the Court concludes that none satisfies the Supreme Court’s litmus test of a true threat.

2. O’Connor never touched Williams, never used profanity, was never ejected from a meeting, and, in fact, Williams’ own Witness, a District 2 Commander who attended one of the Town Hall meetings, described O’Connor as calm, using no profanity, not disruptive,and a gentleman.

3. O’Connor’s testimony that he decided to focus his limited time and resources on the Chair of the Committee makes sense, with no menacing intent or purpose, is credible.

Magistrate Cary also characterized Mr. O’Connor’s attempts to meet with Williams as relentless. Mr. O’Connor shares that, “I have a life I love–a beautiful intelligent child, a wonderful partner, a passion for my work and for rock climbing. I have traveled the world taking atmospheric measurements with instruments I was integral to designing to further our understanding of cloud and solar physics, and even designed data collection systems that have advanced our ability to clean up unexploded ordnance in places like the former Lowry Air Force Base in Denver.

So when my efforts to expose Representative Williams serving banks over homeowners is characterized as relentless, I appreciate the recognition for what I have given up in order to honor the commitment I made to her eight months ago. Her insincere arguments against the Colorado Mortgage Accountability and Housing Stabilization act; and her insincere broad brush description of the foreclosure problem in her district just being people who don’t pay their mortgage; these actions warrant a concerted effort to call bull. And people are starting to get a whiff of what she’s selling.”

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