Restraining Order Hearing

Representative Williams’ case against Colorado Foreclosure Resistance activist Darren O’Connor was heard yesterday in Denver County court. Rep. Williams charged Mr. O’Connor with stalking and has a temporary restraining order (TRO) against him. She supbpoenad District 2 Commander Michael Calo, who witnessed an exchange between Rep. Williams and Mr. O’Connor at her most recent town hall. Williams asserted in her citation that Mr. O’Connor was asked to step away from her by Commander Calo.

Yesterday, Commander Calo testified that he did not do this, and in fact stated that Mr. O’Connor was well spoken, used no profanity, and was a gentleman when speaking to her. He Did believe Mr. O’Connor was too close to Rep. Williams for general safety of a public official, who should always be more than arm’s length from people to be safe.

Rep. Williams also stated in the TRO that Mr. O’Connor was escorted out of another town hall, this one in May, by an officer. This was refuted by another witness in the trial.

Just as she struggles to characterize the foreclosure crisis her constituents and all Coloradans face, so does Rep. Williams struggle with the truth about this case.

Judge Catherine Cary listened to approximately four hours of testimony and will return a verdict on November 25th at 1:30 p.m.

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1 Response to Restraining Order Hearing

  1. Irene Clark says:

    The only explanation for this TRO is as an attempt to stop the message by silencing the messenger. I was at most of these events and can attest that Darren has been a perfectly respectful gentleman. That, and his exceptional understanding of the issue, is the main reason the group has designated him as our main spokesperson.

    Ms. Williams knows that if the truth of her actions becomes known to her constituents that she will not be re-elected. In fact, I would personally challenge her to a public debate on this issue in front of her constituents. If she truly believes that she has acted in her constituents’ best interests, then she would be willing to debate Mr. O’Connor, who is no threat to her or any other human being on this planet.

    Irene Clark

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